Sonce Alexander Gallery is proud to present After Living in the Room of Réalités Nouvelles.


White Cube: architecture formed by minimal aesthetic, neutral, idealistic - the conditioned authoritative space. Such spaces are structured for presentation and impression, the viewer is engrossed in new perspectives but also the socio-political shape and history of art viewing.  After Living in the Room of Réalités Nouvelles, positioned prominently on Gallery Row at Sonce Alexander Gallery, asks ‘what constitutes (composes) a Contemporary Salon?’


After Living in the Room of Réalités Nouvelles stages weekly shifts in narrative and the exhibition, as the Salon is an aesthetic exchange as well as an instrument for critical notice and new forms of patronage. Significant works are closely situated in conjunction to emphasize the locality of the practices featured on the West Coast. Simultaneously the works are juxtaposed and recomposed to notably give authority to the artists. In a re-presentation of the Salon the jury is composed of Sonce Alexander Gallery’s represented artists who chose the artistic practices that are exhibited.  


A snapshot of mutual connections, mentorship, and a glocal art community, the exhibition is connected by abstract impulses and the diversity of these works fluctuate the senses. The White Cube, here, is the contemporary salon, examining oscillating narratives and politics akin to that of the Salon.


After Living in the Room of Réalités Nouvelles presents works by: Edgar Arceneaux (Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects); Tony Berlant (LA Louver); Zoe Crosher; Linda Geary; Rema Ghuloum (Sonce Alexander Gallery); Jeffrey Gibson (Marc Straus Gallery); Christopher Kuhn (Sonce Alexander Gallery); Christophe Leroux (Sonce Alexander Gallery); Gemma Levine (Tate Archive); Constance Mallinson; Susan Mikula (Sonce Alexander Gallery); Robin Mitchell (Craig Krull Gallery); Brittany Mojo (MFA Candidate UCLA); Lester Monzon (Mark Moore Gallery); Brion Nuda Rosch (ACME.); Betye Saar (Roberts & Tilton); Jered Sprecher (Gallery 16); Marie Thibeault (Sonce Alexander Gallery); Material Conjectures; with forward text by KollActiv.


Curated by Ann Harezlak; Assistant Curator Basak Comert.

January 10 - February 26, 2015

Edgar Arceneaux | Tony Berlant | Zoe Crosher | Linda Geary | Rema Ghuloum | Jeffrey Gibson | Christopher Kuhn | Christophe Leroux | Gemma Levine | Constance Mallinson | Susan Mikula | Robin Mitchell | Brittany Mojo |

Lester Monzon | Brion Nuda Rosch | Betye Saar | Jered Sprecher | Marie Thibeault | Material Conjectures

Brion Nuda Rosch, 2 Busts, 2012

Acrylic on paper on found book page, 11.5 x 9 in.

Brion Nuda Rosh_ 2Busts_2012_