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Curated by Santi Vernett

March 15 - April 28, 2014



For years the work of Laura Brothers has been available primarily through her livejournal account out_4_pizza. Her images are printed and exhibited very rarely, and her biography is largely unknown. Mystique prevails in the cyber-mediated worlds that Brothers summons.


Becket Flannery's work are surrounded in an undeniable aura of incisive political commentary and socio-political insight. His sculptures borrow imagery and forms from Ancient Rome, European revolutions of the prior millennium, and even contemporary Olympiad swimmer physiques.


Matt Furie's gifted and amazingly detailed illustrations done in color pencil and stamp replace with fantastical characters in situations that speak to the banal but also the complexities found in the vast variety of contemporary social relations.


Justin Lubliner's work evokes a sentiment of aloness amidst a vast self-imposed seclusion. His photographic practice provides viewers a deep and generous space for contemplation in the darkness.


Lila De Magalhaes is interested in the body and its bodily functions. The body as a whole and as parts are represented through installations, works on paper, or can be seen through slides.


Nevine Mahmoud exhibiting for the first time her interest in both imagery and text. An interesting play of he photographic and the novel arises in her work.


Orion Martin's works are laden with a sensuality steeped in the waters of the bizarre and irregular. Martin's images remind the the viewer of the undulating undercurrents flowing through the subconscious without overtly foregrounding or imposing the explicit.