April 14 - April 18, 2015

Reception: April 17, 2015. 6-8pm


Courtney Asztalos | Ozan Atalan | Jeremy Horseman | Marsha Mack


Sonce Alexander Gallery Mini White Cube is proud to present IRL a four day pop-up show.


Working across a range of media, the four artists in IRL explore places of tension, collision and collapse between the “real” world and the ever-expanding universe of virtual realities. Together they present a fluid space where fantasy shuffles between absurdity and paranoia, and hyper-reality permeates even the most mundane settings.


Courtney Asztalos goes IRL when she meets and films a craigslist stranger at a southern California mall. The converging forces of the consumer space and the aspirational language of the self-help industry melt and swirl in the performance of the main character, a perfect embodiment of the psychological space of the mall.


Ozan Atalan’s site-specific installation addresses the dichotomy between physical space and its digitally mediated representation. Homing in on the anesthesia and alienation caused by the constant filter of electronic screens, Atalan works in the gap between what things actually are and how we perceive them.


Jeremy Horseman’s paintings and sound installations playfully question the relationship and intersection of technology and biology by looking at two organisms specific to Los Angeles; the canary palm (phoenix canariensis) and the enormous, ungainly bird (helicopter) which often hovers in close proximity to this majestic tree.


Like a vision from a sugar coma, Marsha Mack creates a sumptuous feast for the senses. Her heavily perfumed installation and performance Happy Ending combines over the top hyper-beauty with the grotesque. Between beaming smiles, flirtatious giggling, and lines drawn from a cosmetics corporations website, Mack dispenses Happy-ness to the masses.


IRL is the culmination of a five-month residency in Los Angeles, part of the Turner Semester, a Syracuse University initiative to enhance the M. F. A. experience through exposure to "real life" professional practices. The program provides students with studio space, career development opportunities and access to a wide range of artists and curators. The Turner semester and IRL are made possible by the support of Syracuse University, Marylyn and Chuck Ginsburg-Klaus, Stephanie James and the mentorship of professors Laura Heyman, Sam Van Aken, and LA based artist and educator Edgar Arceneaux.