Sonce Alexander Gallery is proud to announce Relevance by Reflection, a group show featuring the works of Akina Cox, Darren Goins, Julian Rogers, and Marie Tibeault. A private reception will be held on May 1st, 2014 from 7:30 – 9:30 PM; Architectural Digest and Mini Cooper will be partnering with Sonce Alexander Gallery for the event. The four artists Akina Cox, Darren Goins, Julian Rogers, and Marie Thibeault will present an array of artworks, which are in conversation with the present, but can transcend over any time frame.  Serving as the point of convergence, Marie has her place in the present and will continue its occupancy in the future. Akina, Darren, and Julian are burgeoning their own concept of the present, of the now.


In a perpetual state of change, Akina Cox creates in a variety of mediums common to the knowledgeable viewer but to a certain extent, not. Her creations are memoriams to past objects she has had attachments, translating into her object-based artworks, specifically to the thing-ness of her paintings.


Darren Goins uses mechanical means to create works that transcend 2D artworks into a multilayered visual experience. Much of the artworks created by Darren involve a full experience; having created public art to be interacted with, Goins creates 2D works that almost need to be viewed in the round. Layers and layers of mechanical manipulation alter the surface, beckoning the viewer closer.


Julian Rogers alters a distant memory, somewhere the viewer has been or something the viewer has experienced. Through like colors, the memory of the viewer has changed. They no longer remember where the memory comes from. Julian creates a new memory for the viewer, something that is solely from the artist to the viewer.


The paintings of Marie Thibeault pose a hovering thought to the viewer: the fates of the population in the urban environment. A scene seemingly filled with disturbance and disruption, is a way to make sense of it all. The artworks hypnotize the viewer about the possibilities of what nature can create. Marie has shown her artworks of possible urban environments at many galleries nationally, as well as internationally. She is represented in the US by Sonce Alexander Gallery and George Lawson Gallery.

A Woman Without a Master - Akina Cox May 14 - 1 Jet Star JR_Home Front


May 1 - June 24, 2014





Arena -  Marie Thibeault